• Image of Variations on Cerulean Phthalo and Ice Blue, 2018

Series of watercolor illustrations from my solo exhibition at Jack Hanley Gallery. Introduction by the imitable L Deutsch
70 spreads
6 1/2 inches by 9 inches ( 16 1/2 centimeters by 23 centimeters )

Some excerpts of the foreword by L Deutsch:

"Psyche speaks in image. Its immutable language radiates out into patterns and hints of structure that we can only momentarily glimpse. The realm from which our consciousness springs hides itself, as is its nature to do. We can recognize it only in the figures and forms that it illuminates from within. Light encased in the earth is light obscured, but is still light. Morphing, it finds cracks through which it might emerge, and much like water, flows on and through any and all openings.
In this collection, images of transition reveal their still point. Doubles dance with themselves and apparitions collect in the mirror. Points of contact suggest exchange and transference. Things take flight, limbs separate and branches bend. The chimera stirs. The form springs from itself, a human droplet, a face in the foot. The sky opens from above. Spirits grown as fruit or trapped in a bottle, alchemy reborn. Pottery suggests yet another remembrance, an allusion to one of the first expressions of psyche: energy made matter. "