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Horticultural Therapy/Prison Abolition Doubled sided Tshirt
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I was inspired by my friend who recently started working at the Horticultural Therapy program at Rikers Island. All the proceeds of this shirt will be donated to the GreenHouse program at Rikers Island. Although I have no affiliation with the Horticultural Society, I am continually inspired by the efforts and benefits that the GreenHouse program has to offer its students.

"GreenHouse, based on Rikers Island, is dedicated to reducing the recidivism rate by offering men and women who are incarcerated an innovative jail-to-street program using horticultural therapy as a tool to prepare them for reentry." https://thehort.org/horttherapy_greenhouse.html

Front Yarrow /Angela Davis Quote
Back Shield Fern
Pantone blue ink Double sided Silkscreen tshirt
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